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Residential Roofing

Tabeley’s Roofing is ready to take on your next roofing project regardless of size or condition. We’ll make sure that you’re roof is installed properly to ensure a long life. From the initial tear down, to the final installation, Tabeley’s will give your home the attention it deserves.

Taking Down Original Roof

The crew at Tabeley’s will make sure that the tear down of your original roof goes as quickly and cleanly as possible. It’s our commitment to make sure that all of the old roofing debris is cleaned up and disposed of.

Plywood Replacement

Sometimes roofs are in rough shape and water may have already damaged the underlying plywood. At Tabeley’s, we’ll let you know if there are certain spots that need replacement and take care of them for you.

Shingle Roofing Installation

Asphalt Shingle Roofs are one of the most common styles of roofing in New England. They are an easy choice for most homeowners because they are both extremely durable and affordable. On top of this, they can come in a variety of different colors to match almost any home. At Tabeley’s Roofing, we are well versed in asphalt shingle roofing and can take care of your home quickly and easily.

Commercial Roofing

Regardless of whether you need a simple repair or full replacement, the crew at Tabeley’s Roofing can Help! This includes punctures, open seams & caulking, ponding water, and even fastener repair. We have experience with Ballasted, Fully Adhered, Mechanically Fastened, Partially Adhered, and Self Adhered commercial roofing.

Gutter Installation

After a new roof has been installed, it’s usually a good idea to have gutters installed as well. Having gutters installed with your new roofing can save you time and money. On top of this, gutters will significantly aid in combating erosion of the ground directly below the edge of your roof. At Tabeley’s, we can help you choose a style of gutter that best suits your needs and direct the downspouts in the appropriate areas.

Chimney Flash & Repair

While we don’t build chimneys from scratch, we do work on the chimney flashing, perform chimney re-pointing, and fix brick and mortar on falling chimneys when necessary. This connecting area between the chimney and roof is crucial to keeping your roof working properly. If your chimney or chimney flashing needs work in addition to your roof, call Tabeley’s Roofing today at (401) 431-2816!

Tabeley’s Before and After Transformation

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